Origin. October 07 2014

Sourcing coffee is one of the most exciting parts about roasting. It is exciting because the location and work of a coffee farmer creates the potential of a roasted coffee.  It is important to understand the entire process to recognize what makes memorable coffee.  Memorable coffee was what got us fascinated by coffee years ago and why we started this business.  To us, memorable coffee is a coffee that etches...

What is "Gesha"? February 07 2014

What is "Gesha"?  Great question!  Gesha (or Geisha) is a varietal (or plant type) of coffee bean, discovered on a global stage in 2004 during a coffee competition in Panama.  The Gesha varietal, originally from Ethiopia, made its way to Panama and was discovered by a farmer who separated the coffee out from the other lots and took a risk by entering the extremely unique coffee in the competition.  That...

Blends Vs. Single Origin December 30 2013

Welcome to our blog!  We want to use this space to update you on Craft & Mason and include you in our journey with coffee.  We will try to write short informative posts on some of the things we think about surrounding coffee.   So, diving right in, I've had a few conversations lately about "blends vs. single origin" coffee.  This might seem like an odd starting topic but shapes...
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