Burundi Munyinya

Burundi Munyinya


Origin: Burundi

Region: Bukeye

Elevation: 1,900 Meters

Process: Washed

Varietal: Bourbon, Jackson

 This lot comes from the farmers of Munyinya Hill and is processed at the Bukeye washing station.  This is our second year working with coffee from Munyinya Hill and our fourth year working with Long Miles Coffee.  Long Miles has been working in Burundi for many years to create coffee that expresses the full potential of what Burundi can offer.  Long Miles is a story worth hearing and Ben and Kristy Carlson have made a huge impact in the hills surrounding two washing stations in Burundi. 

The evidence of their mission can be tasted as a tangible reminder of the work that many people have put in on the ground in Burundi.  Last years lot was one of our absolute favorites and this year is no different.  This lot has great complexity with a heavy fruited sweetness that takes over from start to finish.  We get black cherry, red grape and a vanilla sweetness on the finish that reminds us of cream soda.  

 Flavor Profile: Cherry, Red Grape, Cream Soda

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