Ethiopia Idido

Ethiopia Idido


Origin: Ethiopia
Region: Yirgacheffe
Elevation: 1,700-2,300 Meters
Process: Natural
Varietal: Ethiopia Landraces

Flavor Profile: Floral Notes, Maple Syrup, Chocolate, Blackberry Jam

Idido Mill is located in the famous Yirgacheffe district in Ethiopia and represents about 1,340 small family shareholders in the area.  Ethiopian coffee is a staple on our menu pretty much year around but this natural processed coffee offers a twist to the washed lots we normally carry.  This cup offers some classic floral notes and pleasant acidity with the blackberry jam note and heavy sweetness taking over on the finish.  Its a very pleasant cup with an inviting profile that should do well as a pour over or drip with potential for an exciting single origin espresso!   

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