Peru Oswaldo



Origin: Peru 

Region: Cusco

Elevation: 1,800-2,000

Process: Washed

Varietal: Mixed

We jumped on selection for Peru lots early this year as we have come to anticipate their arrival.  This lot from Oswaldo Cusihuallpa Salcedo checks all the boxes of what has intrigued us the past few years with lots from Peru.  We love the way the brighter notes are so well integrated with the lower toned sweetness throughout.  Fruit notes remind us of white wine a bit, with some deeper cherry, spiced cocoa throughout and a clean sweet finish.  A beautiful lot that is just right for cooler weather.   

 Flavor Profile: White Grape, Black Cherry, Spiced Chocolate.

ROAST DAY: Every Monday - (PLEASE NOTE: We cannot guarantee your ship date unless orders are received by 1pm. on Monday)

SHIP DAY: Every Tuesday


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