Peru Santuario

Peru Santuario


Origin: Peru
Region: Cajamarca
Elevation: 1,700-1,900 Meters 
Process: Washed
Varietal: Caturra, Typica

Flavor Profile: Candied Almond, Brownie, Cinnamon, Custard and Pear.

Founded in 2017, Santuario is a Cooperative that is already up to 400 members.  The Cooperative, which is lead by President Gonzalo Guevara, is committed to education and growth for their farmer members.  This has lead to transparency in their practices and consistent quality of product, creating value for the cooperative.

Single farm and cooperative coffees from Peru have been a staple on our menu for many years now.  Santuario is a great example of what we are looking for in terms of quality.  This lot has a great balance between heavier low end sweetness and pleasant fruit notes to create a coffee that is a complex crowd pleaser.  This is the type of coffee that tastes great any way you choose to make it.  


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