Ransom Seasonal Espresso Blend


Ransom is our flagship espresso blend that uses a rotating lineup of seasonally fresh coffee to create a flavor profile that is excellent as espresso or drip.   Ransom will be available year round and will feature our best single origin lots with a roast geared toward a complex flavor profile that is sweet and versatile.

Flavor Profile: We taste dark fruit, berry, dark chocolate, and honey sweetness.

Current Blend:

Brazil Barons of Alfenas Natural: This natural coffee from Carmo de Minas creates a great base for our espresso.  It adds lots of body with a round and sweet flavor profile. 

El Salvador Calera: A great compliment to the Brazil, this lot adds a bit of low toned acidity and deep chocolate notes.  Together these lots create a blend that is versatile and works great for espresso or as a cup.

 ROAST DAY: Every Monday - (PLEASE NOTE: We cannot guarantee your ship date unless orders are received by 10AM on Monday)

SHIP DAY: Every Tuesday


Make sure to select either whole bean or ground coffee below.

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