Rwanda Kibirizi


Origin: Rwanda

Region: Nyamagabe

Elevation: 1,600 Meters

Process: Washed

Varietal: Bourbon

In winter months here in Michigan we turn toward two neighboring countries in Africa for coffees that tend to get us through until spring rolls around.  Rwanda and Burundi are both countries that have really improved quality in recent years.  Although the flavor profiles of each country and each lot are very different, they both have the ability to produce lots with bright fruit notes and big sweetness. 

Kibirizi has the best of what we typically look for in a lot from Rwanda.  It has lots of citrus notes up front with orange and tangerine before transitioning to a finish that is reminiscent of shortbread with a rich sweet finish.  We love the balance of flavors here and they work so well together.   

 Flavor Profile: Shortbread, Orange Marmalade, Turbinado Sugar


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