Holiday Coffee Gift Guide!

Need a gift for Christmas?  Our Holiday Coffee Gift Guide will steer you in the right direction.  Most of these links will take you to Amazon so you can save on shipping as well.  


1. Craft & Mason Coffee! 

Ok, I know, who recommends themselves?  We do!  Whether you need a single bag, multiple bags or a coffee subscription, we think coffee is the perfect Holiday gift!  Be sure to order the coffee so you can give it fresh.  Nobody likes stale coffee.  We roast every Monday and Ship every Tuesday.  An order made on Tuesday-Sunday will be roasted on the following Monday and shipped Tuesday, feel free to order the week in advance.


2. Clever Brewer $22  (You will need filters as well)

This is a great pour over for the beginner, it also makes a great cup of coffee.  Don't know if a Clever is for you or not?  HERE is a good brewing guide.  


3. HARIO V60 Dripper $9 or $20 (You will need filters as well)

This is the plastic version of the V60, find the more expensive ceramic version HERE.  The V60 takes a bit more work and is best suited for the coffee lover, who enjoys making their coffee using the pour over method.  The V60 has the potential to make a fantastic cup of coffee.  See a Hario brew guide HERE


4. Aeropress $27 (comes with filters)

This "As Seen On TV" brewing system has slowly demanded respect from coffee geeks everywhere.  This method is pretty easy and quite fast.  Its also a pretty fun method and there are lots of different tweaks you can try.  


5. Scale $20

Every coffee lover needs a scale.  We use a scale for all of our brewing methods to measure the exact amount of coffee beans and water for that perfect brewing ratio.  This little scale is very precise (down to the 1/10 of a gram) and works great.  Has the ability to weigh both gram and ounce measurements.  If taken care of, it should last for many morning brews.   


6. Hario Skerton Hand Grinder $38 (or $29 for the Hario Slim)

While we do have the option on our site to order pre-ground coffee, we always suggest grinding your coffee fresh.  Grinding is hugely important to a fantastic cup of coffee. Cheap blade grinders work (sort of), but do not create nearly as even of a grind as conical burr grinders.  This conical burr grinder is for the coffee enthusiast on a budget.  This is a HAND grinder, meaning no electricity is involved.  The trick here is a little elbow grease!  You have to crank it by hand, but it does a great job for the price and will translate to good extraction from your fresh coffee every morning.   See the hand grinder in action HERE.  


7. Baratza Coffee Grinder $129

More expensive, but a great grinder at a fair price.  This conical burr grinder is wonderful for drip coffee.  Easy to use and makes morning grinding a breeze.  Creates a very consistent and even grind.  Baratza is also a great company, I have found their customer service team to be very helpful.  They sell replacement parts and replacement burrs as well.  


8. Bonavita Coffee Maker $170 (you will need filters as well)

Many of the gift ideas above are for pour over coffee.  Pour over methods are done by hand and can be a bit labor intensive.  The Bonavita coffee dripper is a fairly simple machine but makes drip coffee very well. The best function might be the 1400W Heater, which heats the water much hotter (around 200 º) and faster than a normal dripper.  It does not have any fancy options, but it makes coffee in larger quantities and is easy to operate.  It might not taste quite as good as a pourover method, but it will be very close and very convenient.  This is the most reasonably priced machine we have found to make auto drip coffee this good.   


Have questions?  Send us an email.  We love talking gear!