Brazil Coqueiro

Brazil Coqueiro


Origin: Brazil
Region: Mantqueira de Minas
Elevation: 1,100-1,300 Meters 
Process: Hydro Honey
Varietal: Yellow Catuai

Flavor Profile: Brandy Cream, Vanilla, Apricot and Brown Sugar

This lot is all about the unique "Hydro Honey" process used to process the coffee.  We have been using lots from Brazil in our Ransom Blend for a number of years now as we find they have great potential for sweetness and body.   This lot is no exception but the hydro honey process adds a totally unique twist to the flavor profile.  

Hydro honey means that they dry it like a natural with the fruit on the bean and then rehydrate it 8-10 days later.  Then the fruit is basically "burst" by pricking the skin and dried for an additional 25 days on raised beds with constant attention to raking.  We still find that heavy body and nice sweetness, but this lot adds an extra dimension of light dessert like flavors and heavy fruit notes.  

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