Colombia La Victoria

Colombia La Victoria


Origin: Colombia

Region: Nariño 

Elevation: 1,800 Meters

Process: Washed

Varietal: Mixed

Flavor Profile: Apricot, Citrus, Caramel

This is a community lot grown at an elevation that peaks out at 2000 Meters.  It is a washed lot from the El Tablon de Gomez Municipality. Fundacion Agraria Y Ambiental is a farmer group that was founded by the sister and brother team of Raquel and Jeremias Lasso and the group now has over 130 members.

Right away when tasting this coffee we get apricot and citrus up front with a caramel like sweetness on the finish.  It is a higher grown coffee and the fruited notes really come through for a cup that is fresh and bright with balancing sweetness.  

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