Colombia Palestina Decaf


Origin: Colombia

Municipality: Palestina

Elevation: 1,600-1,800 Meters

Process: Washed/EA

Varietal: Caturra and Castillo

This is our second decaf lot this year.  We have found that the Ethyl Acetate process preserves a lot of the fruit flavors and helps keep the fresh flavors of this washed coffee in tact.  Palestina is a great example of this and we get a pear and melon acidity up front that makes its way towards caramel and vanilla sweetness on the finish.  This isn't just a great decaf, this is a great coffee period.     

 Flavor Profile: Pear, Melon, Vanilla and Caramel

ROAST DAY: Every Monday - (PLEASE NOTE: We cannot guarantee your ship date unless orders are received by 1pm. on Monday)

SHIP DAY: Every Tuesday


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