Costa Rica El Olivo


Origin: Costa Rica

Region: Tarrazú

Elevation: 1,900 Meters

Process: Red Honey

Varietal: Catuai, Caturra


El Olivo is a red honey processed coffee from Costa Rica.  Red Honey refers to the color of the beans as they dry since the process requires that a good amount of fruit is left on the bean during the drying phase.  This process has the potential to create a unique flavor profile that focuses on sweet fruit notes.  This coffee is quite sweet with red fruits and a pleasant creamy finish.

El Olivo is produced by the Zamora family who have been working in coffee since 1970 with their 3 kids now running a majority of the farm operations.  They process the coffee at La Cruz Mill which allows them to sort and process the coffee from their own farm.   


 Flavor Profile: Fruity, Strawberry, Sweet Cream

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