Ethiopia Yukro


Origin: Ethiopia 

Region: Jimma

Elevation: 2,000 Meters

Process: Washed

Varietal: Ethiopia Heirloom

As spring rolls into summer we always anticipate our first fresh crop lot of the year from Ethiopia.  This is our first time carrying Yukro but we have tasted it over the years and were very excited to have it on our menu this year.  We get great fruit notes from this lot including melon, peach and candied lemon with a rich sweetness on the finish that reminds us of butterscotch.  A complete coffee with floral notes that is so easy going.  There is great clarity and lots of sweetness and this coffee should do great as a drip cup or over ice on a hot day.     

 Flavor Profile: Floral, Melon, Candied Lemon, Butterscotch.  

ROAST DAY: Every Monday - (PLEASE NOTE: We cannot guarantee your ship date unless orders are received by 1pm. on Monday)

SHIP DAY: Every Tuesday


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