Nicaragua Cascara Tea

Nicaragua Cascara Tea


Origin: Nicaragua 
Region: La Dalia 
Farm: Limoncillo

This is Cascara Tea, which is not technically tea at all, but the dried fruit (coffee cherry) that surrounds each coffee bean(s) when picked.  The coffee cherry is a sweet red fruit that is stripped from the coffee bean before drying it.  A careful drying process yields this tea which is a lovely way to experience the coffee plant in a different way.  This Cascara comes from the same farm as our Nicaragua Limoncillo coffee.  Cascara tea does contain caffeine, but less than your traditional cup of coffee.

We have tried a number of different Cascara Tea's over the years and this one is sweet, refined and elegant.  This one is a favorite for us and shows great care was taken to process it properly.  This tea is a wonderful change up from Coffee and traditional tea and has a sweetness that tastes as if honey has already been added.  

Flavor Profile: We Taste Peach notes, Hibiscus and Sweet Honey on the finish.

Brew Suggestions: Our favorite method is to take water just off boil and pour it directly over the Cascara Tea at a ratio of 30:1.  You can vary steep times to get different results, but we enjoy a 6 minute steep time best.  

Note: 6 oz of Cascara will make a good amount tea.  It weighs significantly less than coffee beans, so 6 oz is quite a bit by volume.   

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