Peru Cedro Rosado

Peru Cedro Rosado


Origin: Peru 
Region: Satipo
Elevation: 1,542 Meters 
Process: Washed 
Varietal: Caturra, Bourbon

Flavor Profile: Plum, Hazelnut, Chocolate... Dare we say Nutella?

This lot comes to us from the Cedro Rosado Farm produced by Espiritu Ramos Emilio Gerardo.  The Cedro Rosado farm is part of the Pangoa Cooperative who has been a model for others to follow with around 700 participants and strong leadership. Leadership from cooperatives like this is important to give a shared voice to the many farmers involved and to provide community support.

Fresh lots from Peru are something we have come to look forward to each year.  This lot has great body and deep sweetness, which is part of the charm of Peruvian lots from recent years.  We taste light fruit notes like plum as well as hazelnut and chocolate... so basically Nutella.  

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