Peru Pacaybamba


Origin: Peru

Region: Cusco

Elevation: 1,800-2,200

Process: Washed

Varietal: Caturra, Bourbon, Pache and Typica

Peru is a country that has drawn a lot of attention for its quality over recent years.  Transportation and travel can be incredibly difficult with farmers often traveling hours on foot to deliver coffee cherry by hand.  Traveling to farms can be a challenge as well with many farm visits requiring plane rides, hours of car travel and hiking in and out.  This is a very high grown lot peaking at 2,200 meters.  

This lot has a really approachable flavor profile that is complex and inviting (perfect with pancakes!).  We taste baked apple and dried fig, spice and sweet cream.  The flavor profile is light but the coffee has a nice density, as if a touch of milk was already added.  

 Flavor Profile: Baked apple, Spice, Fig and Sweet Cream

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