Sulawesi Tana Luwu

Sulawesi Tana Luwu


Origin: Sulawesi 
Region: Luwu (District), Latimijong (Sub District), Tolajuk (Village)
Elevation: 1,250-1,450 Meters 
Process: Red Honey 
Varietal: Typica & Hybrids

Flavor Profile: Sweet and Savory with notes of Aromatic Spice, Ginger and Cranberry.  Big Bodied Finish.

Sulawesi Tana Luwu is the first release from a producer group in Sulawesi called Sisola Coffee.  Sisola works with coffee farmers on the Eastern slope of Mount Latimojong to harvest, process and ship high quality coffee from Sulawesi.  Sisola offers transparency into the process and we are excited about the quality taken at each step of the entire chain from growing, picking and processing.  We have been following their journey from the very beginning until now.  Transparency is at the heart of what they do and we are confident that the farmers who grow and pick the coffee cherry are getting paid an excellent price for their coffee.  

This coffee is one of the highest quality coffees we know of from Sulawesi.  As a cup, it is complex with a cranberry fruit note, sweet and savory balance and rich finish.  

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